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Introduction: What is a Blog? A blog (weblog) is a special type of website that displays entries or posts in reverse chronological order. The most recently written post appears at the top. The posts themselves consist of text, images, links to other websites and also, a way for readers to leave comments about the post. Blogs […]

Olympics project

We’re going to begin a project which will include us using a brand new presentation tool – PREZI. All the links that students need to start the project are below. Listen carefully when we discuss them in class. Click on this URL. Project: 1. Click on the link called, “Lesson Project Microsoft”.  Find the […]

More Photoshop work

This week,we’re going to continue with Photoshop, working with LAYERS, the MAGIC WAND TOOL and OPACITY to create some exciting and interesting images. 1. Make a realistic looking digital tattoo. Follow these instructions. 2. Make a collage for the Queens Diamond Jubilee. Use all of the tools you have become familiar with in Photoshop and review all of the […]

Graphic manipulation: Photoshop

We’ll be working with Adobe Photoshop this week. 1. Students should use the Internet to search for an image entitled, ‘red eye’ and then experiment with the tools to remove the Red Eyes. 2. Find a ‘rough’ looking face. Experiment with the Blemish tool and Airbrush Tools. 3. We’ll be working with several of the […]

Crazy Talk

For the next few weeks we’ll complete a short CrazyTalk project. CrazyTalk is an animation tool for creating talking characters. Students can use an imported image (one of your own) or one of the samples from the CrazyTalk models and make them “speak”. Take a look at these videos to see what you can do. (You […]

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