Graphic manipulation: Photoshop

We’ll be working with Adobe Photoshop this week.

1. Students should use the Internet to search for an image entitled, ‘red eye’ and then experiment with the tools to remove the Red Eyes.
2. Find a ‘rough’ looking face. Experiment with the Blemish tool and Airbrush Tools.
3. We’ll be working with several of the tutorials on Vimeo by Andrew Way:

  • Tutorial 1: using layers/magic wand tool/combining two images/the transform tool and scaling.

Tutorial 1 Tips:

a) For this tutorial you need to arrange the images. Do this by choosing Window > Arrange and then: Float All in Window – this allows the images to float freely.
b) Choose an image to use with the Magic Wand which has a very uncomplicated background. (Mostly white.)
c) You must select the LAYER you wish to use with the Magic Wand tool.
d) You can make the Magic Wand tool appear if you select SHIFT + W.
e) You must save the image as a Photoshop file as in the video.

  • Tutorial 2: Using layer masks/airbrush tool/adding and editing type (text)/using layer styles.
Tutorial 2 Tips:
a) Take care that you select the correct LAYER to work with.
b) To remove the object from the image select: Layer > Layer Mask > Hide All.
c) Choose the  brush tool (from the side tool bar) then the airbrush tool. (You may have to choose this tool from the drop down options.)
d) Do not be concerned about the image turning red when you airbrush it. This is only highlighting the area to airbrush.
e) You might wish to refer back to the earlier activity on Air Brushing for more help.

4. Students should try and create a LIGHT SABER following the instructions in the video. Click on the image below.

Image sourced from

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