Kodu – competition & assessment

Two boys from year 13 are currently running a programming competition with a cash prize. All year 7’s will take part and the game which you produce will be your formal assessment for this section of work. How to do this:

1. Sign up to planetkodu.com

2. Select the option to upload your game. (How to save your game – choose ‘Export’ from the Load World menu and it will bring up a dialog box, allowing you to choose which folder to save in.)








3. Take note of the URL. This will have the planetkodu address and a / with ‘member’ and your name after it.

4. Copy this URL.

5. Paste it next to your name in this spreadsheet.

6. Download and complete this form.

7. Screen grab the code from your game and print this out.

8. Make comments on it to tell me what it does.

Hand in the printouts from the last two steps to Mrs Turner.

I’ve put together more examples of KODU games from Nikki Maddams and from Mr Stucke. Use the ideas from this work to cement your own. I’m also delighted to see how quickly boys are creating new games – and two player ones as well! Don’t forget to add your Kodu Problems to the board in ICT1, and if you can solve any of the problems, please do so.

Earning Distinctions in ICT

  1. 3 pieces of cross curricular or any 3 good pieces of ICT work earns one distinction.
  2. Screen grabs with an explanation of a ‘How to’ in KODU earns a distinction.
  3. Solving a ‘problem’ earns a distinction.
  4. Screen grabs + explanation of a full game = 2 distinctions.
  5. Colour copies of ‘How to’s, solutions + games need to be printed off for the board.
  6. Email the evidence (of the above) to Mrs Turner with the attached file.


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