KODU – the next steps

  1. Each student should collect a KODU Game lab booklet. (In ICT1 near the teacher’s desk) Students should not write in this booklet as these are shared.
  2. Students should each have an X-Box controller. (Near the teacher’s desk in ICT1)
  3. Students will have completed the following:
  • Starting on Page 6 in the booklet, play the Bonk-Out Version 8 Game from the ‘Load World’ option on the main KODU menu. Play this 4 or 5 times.
  • Complete tutorials 1, 2 & 3 on pages 7 -11. (Note that Tutorial 1 is actually listed as Tutorial 01 V03 on KODU.) If you wish, you can watch a couple of video tutorials on these: Video 1 and Video 2.)
  • Click on the link to this video and produce the game/world compiled by Nicki Maddams.
  • Once completed – you must create your own world from scratch, add a character, get it to collect objects, and score as in the above  game.

4. In order to experiment with the different elements in creating a new world, watch this video on how to create your own world.

5. Work through the following tutorials from Kodu: Load World.

  • Add Paint terrain tutorial.
  • Glass walls tutorial.
  • Technique Launching creatables vO2
  • Technique Gathering Apples
  • Technique Eat only certain apples v07
  • Technique Move on Paths
6. When you’ve finished this – experiment! You might wish to look at planetkodu.com for some examples of other students’ games and to take a look at the KWESTIONS section where people can post questions about problems, and where others post solutions, or try this site for FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) This Kodu Curriculum also takes you through various ‘How to’s’.


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