Kodu Game Programming

This week we’ll be starting Kodu programming. Kodu is a visual programming language made specifically for creating small 3D games. Like Scratch, the language has a visual nature and allows for quick designs using an Xbox game controller or a mouse and keyboard for input.  

Kodu is available as a free download from Microsoft if students wish to code more at home.

We’ll first take a look at a presentation (see the slideshare below) on Kodu in order to gain a basic understanding of the programming environment. We’ll be using the ‘Participants’ Manual‘ and working through several tutorial games along the way. The manual allows for a fair amount of directed and focused discussion whilst we work through it.

Students should become familiar with an x-box controller. All of the buttons on the device are used in programming.

During the next couple of weeks, there will be plenty of opportunity for students to work alone or in groups and create a number of different types of games. Its important that students explore the tools as much as they can!
See the useful Kodu video resources of two teachers, Nicki Maddams and Mr Dorling. Students should start by working through the Nicki Maddams video tutorial.
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